Published on May 10, 2007 By enigmagnetic In Dating
It's been 1 week. I lost my life or in other words my girl. I loved her more than I can even describe. She left me. Two words ended an experience "it's over". How do I cope. I still live with her and I will for another two months. I see her all the time. She has told me she wants to be friends but she breaks plans that she makes with me. One week she will tell me she can't get over me and then another she insults me. Question she left a comfortable life with me. Today she told me she wanted to have dinner to be friendly and she stood me up. I know i'm a fool. How do I cope. Someone please help. Where are those wise sage words I need? I have no real friends. All our friends are mutual and much like all the luxuries we had I let her have them. I feel like a loser. A pathetic soul who clings to the past like a symbiote. Without her I feel lost and without purpose. We slept together after the break up and it made me crazy. She then had lunch
on May 10, 2007
Move out. That's one thing. Otherwise every day will be torture.

Sorry you're hurting.
on May 10, 2007
Thank you TW. I can't though. If I do I'll put her out on the street. Torture Huh?